You just want to find your person, dammit. You’re a pretty powerful woman, successful in plenty of areas, intelligent, respected and loved by many. Maybe you identify as a person who’s been “doing the work,” and while you try to believe this lifetime includes a deep love for you, you can’t help but think:

What the fuck?!

Or maybe you’re a woman who’s had a divorce, maybe you have kids, maybe you don't, but whatever the case may be, you feel like you haven’t put yourself out there in a real way just yet. Maybe you feel like after your marriage you were transported by time machine and plopped into this totally foreign modern world of dating that has left you feeling confused, overwhelmed, or just plain grossed out. So you're in this place of thinking:

Gah! Where do I even start?


This can’t be the only way!


Oh my god(ess), we hear you! Most women we work with fall somewhere in or around those scenarios.



The spiritual reality as we see it is this

No matter where you are, you’ve called in this situation of being single whilst not wanting to be because right now this is the doorway to your next step in personal evolution. And here with the Wondrous Woman Challenge, we will be your loving guides amongst a warm circle of new friends to usher you through.



Of course the alternative could be to choose seeing yourself with some kind of Game of Thrones colossal ice wall standing between you and the life that should be - the life with your soulmate.

But this kind of thinking will keep you stuck on the other side of the wall going...

  • My city sucks for finding love!
  • All the good ones are taken!
  • Maybe I’m meant to be single!
  • I guess I’m too broken!
  • It must be that I don’t love myself enough!
  • No one can meet me, they’re all too self-absorbed or otherwise unavailable!
  • How the hell did that friend land a husband!
  • I'm going to keep doing everything I can!
  • I give up!

Have you said any of these things? 

You've got to be reading them thinking bla Bla BLA! Aren’t you so done with that story? It’s just getting so flipping tiresome and old, right?

OK - so if you’re ready to see this in spiritual terms - as a doorway to your next step in your evolution - then we KNOW you’re ready to walk through.

It's kind of like the saying "when the student is ready, the teacher appears."



You don’t have to do it alone!


And in fact, you shouldn't do it alone. Being alone on this journey to love contradicts the exact vibration that's resonant with what you seek - the vibration of partnership.

That’s why we created this opportunity to gather some truly beautiful, messy, sometimes neurotic and fearful, depth-seeking, unique, imperfectly perfect women from all parts of the planet to come together and support each other on this part of your path to finding love.

best dating coach calling in the one online coaching program for women Chris Kendra.png

We’re Chris and Kendra! And before we met, we had independently decided to devote our focus towards creating a new way of relating with ourselves and others.

It was at the peak of that point in our self-growth that we literally bumped into each other at an ecstatic dance on a supermoon solstice on a mountain top. I know, I know - magical, fairytale, no way! But it's true! And from that day our relationship has deepened, and we both can honestly say that it just keeps getting better. Literally - everyday it does!

Finishing sentences, looking into each other’s eyes, busting out laughing and sometimes even collapsing on the floor because of it, spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen, out-of-this-world intimate times of lights on, naked, full-permission pleasure, singing at the top of our lungs on thousand-mile road trips, secret handshakes, sharing secrets that no one else will ever know, touching foreheads together and welling up from knowing that we are in the midst of experiencing true soul-to-soul connection.

Early in our relationship when we realized that we are indeed soulmates, we felt the tap on our shoulders to share the possibility of this kind of love with others who are hungry for it.


Soulmate love is possible for everyone.


This journey is for you who isn’t looking for a beige partnership... for someone to warm the other side of the bed… for a person to make you feel complete. No.

This is for you who wants the kind of love that's of fireworks. This is for you who wants everything from wholehearted commitment and presence, belly-aching laughter, moonlit conversations, and cosmic sex - a friendship that opens you to a feeling of permission and safety and FUN like you’ve never known before. A sacred union that allows both of you to become more of who you are meant to be in this life. Yesssssss!

If this speaks to your heart, you are needed in this group. We need your fire, your readiness, even your fear and doubt.



The path to soulmate love cannot be travelled successfully in seclusion.

Us humans may appear to be individuals, but just like the aspen groves, our roots are wired as one organism… to nourish one another and encourage one another’s growth in a spirit of collaboration... exactly like the kind of love you seek.



If you’re reading this and you feel resistance or excitement - either is a good sign that this is probably the perfect group for you. But we’ll be able to figure that out once we actually get on a call together to feel it out.

Right now, see how your heart answers the question: "Am I at least curious about this?" 


If yes - claim your interest and schedule a call to chat.


We’ll meet you via phone and spend time together to talk out the details, answer any questions, and get to know each other a bit to see if we're all a good match for moving forward on a journey together.

You're first step is this button below...


If you're not curious about this particular group, we may still be able to support you. You can pop on over to our scheduling page to set up a free consult to see what that might be - it may even be referring you to one of the many other masters and coaches in our network. You are worthy of soulmate love. 


The High Level Deets

  • Facilitated by Chris DeCicco and Kendra Seoane
  • 10 week challenge
  • Once-a-week call with group coaching + opportunities for individual attention
  • Option to tune into the recording so you can live your life if you can’t make it to all of them
  • Buddy assigned each week so that you’re getting one-on-one support, encouragement, accountability, and conscious relating practice
  • Weekly “invitations” for deep transformation on your own and some with your buddy to create a reparative experience IN relationship for a new imprint moving forward
  • Why challenge? Well, first off, we personally get super inspired at the idea of a challenge... a discrete period of time to commit and focus on a personal vision... something you can track progress as you go with tangible results at the end. Second - a challenge implies growth and change. We literally can't grow or change if there’s no challenge to make new adaptations. To be clear thought - this is definitely not a boot camp. We challenge you with “invitations” upon which you will tune into your own wisdom and either accept or deny. Third - it’s the New Year. Isn’t everyone up for a challenge?

Join us and kick off 2018 with a momentum that will build and carry you forward into the rest of your life like you never dreamed possible!

The Wondrous Woman

Behold her and be held by her, that crazy moonbeam

Womb being

She has a child or wants a child

Or neither

And nonetheless has birthed a thousand paintings or writings, a business plan, or whatever other galaxies are brewing inside

Her wisdom ranges from that of generations before her of heart and belly and ancient to the sparkling eyes of a child who can say “I don’t know”

She’s fluent in praising her sisters and brothers and all, a cherishing that's nourishing

She knows how to stand up for herself - sometimes to herself

Her spine is strong and electric, heart is soft and open

Red and dark chocolate between her legs

And standing on them thick thighs regardless of size, her boundaries are clear and loving

She is finally really listening to the taps on her shoulder to proudly desire: “Proudly desire!” she feels whispered in her ear, casting goosebumps of permission through over her

As she surrenders the illusion of control in all areas of life, she comes to know herself more and more as the powerful co-creator she asked to be before she came

Lionhearted, she’ll go into dark places with uneven asphalt not scheduled for repair

Able to gaze straight into the eyes of the ragged streamers of shadows that have been snapping behind her in the wind of her dance

And it might be in those times or another when she needs a reminder that she’s a mother fucking force of nature

Nothing that breathing from the earth can’t soothe

She’s screamed at the top of her lungs because that’s the most spiritual thing she knew to do in that moment

“Let’s sing straight into each other’s blood” she says, as she is familiar with that kind

“Let’s make our bodies thrum with deep bells of celebration and reverence” she requests, as she is becoming more familiar with that kind

There have been previous lovers who beheld her once and looked down astonished to find that right through the cold gray scars of their chest: a heartbeat

She has known when to say “goodbye”

and is now saying "hello" to home in herself

She would sooner remain a lover to the stars than not have the soulmate love that reflects her

All the while, she is and always has been someone’s “I knew from the moment I saw her”

That one comes in perfect timing because she is always right on time

Right on time

Holding up her heart like a newborn

Here is the pounding of centuries, the pounding of her chest, rushing like caribou, rushing like oceans.

This is her - a great blue whale breaching at last into the sun.

Free to be herself and finding out even more than she ever knew was in there.

All of her, in her wonder, don't you wonder, and want to know her more

She is a wondrous woman

And as she looks in the mirror now, she smiles

Because she realizes that she is you.