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UPDATE: We successfully found Cary's soulmate! We'll be updating this interview soon to share their beautiful, magical love story that will hopefully inspire you to know that love is totally possible for you too!


The Soulmate Matchmaker program is our most popular offering. Let's see if it's a good fit for YOU -

This program includes everything from Dating Detox Online Course + 1 year Focused Priority Membership in The Matchmaker Club...



3 months of unlimited coaching with Chris + Kendra includes:

  • Personal wingmate team. Chris + Kendra do all sessions together with you - can be in person or skype, depending on where you live [option to request one at a time]
  • Unlimited coaching sessions. Up to 90 minutes each [depending on what we're doing that day] and are scheduled throughout the first 3 months of the 1 year program 
  • Unlimited quick texts and email support. Always feel free to ask questions, get support, or celebrate things that come up in between sessions.
  • Feeling Vision session. Our first session is all about us getting clear and helping you to get even more clear on your vision for your ideal partnership.
  • Somatic, creative, and evidence-based processes + interventions. Our sessions can include: process-oriented movement, dream-time movement practice, visualization, meditation, boundaries and attachment work, gestalt techniques, journaling, expressive art, sounding, and more. We promise we won't make you do anything though! 
  • Powerful guidance on various themes. Conscious relationship skills, becoming a vibrational match to any desire, nutrition
  • Holistic view of you. We won't pathologize or diagnose you regarding relationship. Rather, we'll look at the full picture of you to enhance what's feeling good, clear blocks, and nourish where needed. Areas we attend to include: thoughts, dreams, nutrition, body image, posture / alignment, sexuality, intimacy, attention, creative outlets, movement, friendships, family relationships, habits, work environment and business strategies, home environment, and more. Sometimes one or more of these areas can be an unexpected doorway to your love life!
  • Weekly assignment. The three of us will cocreate a home practice that integrates the session and has the following qualities: [a.] somewhat edgy [b.] you're totally willing and able to do it [c.] you have accountability planned with either us or another support person or group. 
  • Update or create online dating profile. We've mastered the ability to guide the process of accentuates who you are in words that will resonate with your soulmate.
  • Professional photo shoots. We'll do at least one photo shoot and several additional photos throughout the program. Here, we create a totally no-pressure, fun, and confidence-building experience that results in photos that really show off your personality.
  • Image consulting. [Optional] help in going through any clothes that you've outgrown and shopping for ones that feel more like who you are now. 
  • Video spotlight. [Optional] creation of a short video showcasing you speaking + moving. This offers a fuller sense of your vibe than just photos and words. 
  • Discounts and Free attendance to online and live events. We'll warmly welcome you to any of our events at no additional cost [receive exclusive discounts to workshops that are 3+ hours and retreats]
  • 1 year as a Focussed Priority Membership. You'll be automatically added to The Matchmaker Club. You can read about our unique matchmaking process below...
I was so jaded about dating. Their process cleared so many blocks!
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They found my soulmate in the first two months, so we used the remaining time for coaching around communication skills and making our sex life the best I’ve ever had!
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Our Matchmaking Process

  • We vet potential matches within our own daterbase. As people continually join our daterbase, we'll be setting up meetings to feel if they're a good match for you.
  • We vet potential matches using a third-party online dating platform. Besides our own daterbase - we'll also use your online dating profile to sort and filter potential matches [we whole-heartedly recommend OkCupid]
  • We reach out to friends and people in your local community. As social beings ourselves, we're always networking. No matter where you live, we will connect with anyone from friends to local matchmakers to get personal referrals for potential matches.
  • Online dating concierge service. We personally connect with potential matches to set up dates for you.
  • Post-date feedback. Never leave a date wondering. We will gather and relay helpful feedback from you and your date so that everyone is evolving more and more.
  • Quality over quantity. We will never set a quota and send you on dates just to meet that quota. We truly aim to connect as much as we can with someone to make sure they are a highly worthwhile person for you to meet.

If you're interested - please set up a free chat to ask questions and see if we're all a good fit for each other!