The SOUL Immersion Transformation Journey is the most powerful offering we have created for you.

It includes our best offerings like the Dating Detox Course, but it will be facilitated with personal attention from Chris + Kendra. You'll also get Membership to the Priority MatchMaker Club and entry into our 3 month Soulmate MatchMaker Program.


The love life personal retreat of a lifetime designed to help you come out the other side rooted in a newfound ability to call anything into your life + a level of self-love that you never knew was possible.


A series of unique personalized matchmaker mixer events filled with potential soulmates, fun + real connection!

Love Life Retreat Details:

There is a mystical place that exists in your heart...

That you know is real but you can’t quite find it. It’s a feeling you’ve known before and dream of experiencing again. It’s a thing / energy / archetype that’s already here and present, you just haven’t been able to see it yet. It’s your story of soulmate love yet to be written – full of romance and adventure. We’ll help you get into the vibration where you can’t not see it.

We will gather the most amazing souls and open-minded singles ready to open to deep love – people who want a love life refresh that breaks through the mystery. We’ll be gathering in a secret tropical destination full of romance and the perfect environment to cultivate a nourishing sense of self-love, self-worth, and belief in manifesting the beloved. 

Here the soil is fertile with myth and magic


Here is a little of what you can expect...

  • An adventure full of fantastical events and magical moments.
  • Fun-filled, heart-pounding excitement that takes you beyond the everyday.

  • Learn Law of Attraction principles that transmute your energy to the highest vibration where love comes easily.

  • Mindfulness experientials designed to build deeper connections to self and others.

  • Evolutionary relating skills that attract, create and sustain soulmate love.

  • Bonding group activities, one-on-one connections, and exciting planned dates with your fellow co-creators that will leave you breathless and fully alive.  

  • High-vibe foods, self-care rituals, dance, writing, and art that develop your clarity and vision of love.

You will need the courage to claim your desire and the inspiration to create your dream.

You are invited to apply below by registering your interest. The soulmate matchmakers Chris + Kendra will be interviewing all potential participants and hand-selecting the right mix of people for maximum resonance and fall-in-love potential.

Please note that this journey is only for people who are choosing love as a priority in their life. This is for people who have decided that relationships are the most important thing to them, and they are willing to do what it takes to master the skills necessary to have deep meaningful love in their lives.

S.O.U.L. is for those who are ready to take on the challenge to become the lover they seek. 

Are you ready?