The SOUL Immersion is our 1 year mentorship program for men and women. It's truly a transformational journey because it is 100% customized as we create it just for you.

This journey is for the type of person who isn't just looking for a companion so you're not lonely anymore. This is for you who is looking for soulmate love. The kind of love where you can feel totally at home being completely exposed in your awesome, messy, sometimes neurotic and fearful, depth-seeking, unique, imperfectly perfect humanness. You want belly-aching laughter, rich conversations that satisfy your mind, cosmic sensuality that makes your heart pound, and warm arms that you can melt into.

You're the type of person who's a high achiever, who has genuine fulfillment and success in many areas of life. But when it comes to love and lasting relationship, you find yourself going: What the f@*k!? 

You know you need someone who is on a similar level as you - they have the freedom to explore a bucket list country at the drop of a hat and can meet you on intellectual, emotional, and spiritual levels while mutually inspiring one another's growth.

While generally you know your a good catch - you know there's some things that are blocking you from fully letting love find you.

And since you're on a self-growth path yourself, you've likely experienced a book or therapy session with a profound "aha" moment; but you've also probably seen a superficial integration of it. In other words - it's lost and forgotten within days.

This is not that.

The Soul Immersion is for those seeking the ultimate freedom to become who you are meant to be in partnership and in this lifetime. It's an experience something along the lines of this partnership you're calling in. 

With the two of us - you'll have opportunities for real-time reparative experiences with a man and woman. We both have extensive backgrounds in personal growth and sexuality work, including Kendra's dual master's degrees in Body Psychotherapy and Dance/Movement Therapy, and because we both have an insatiable appetite for learning more and finding the most impactful processes, you'll know in your bones that you're on a ride for deep transformation. 

We'll be by your side every step of the way so you can finally stop wasting time feeling lonely and miserable swiping left, waiting for messages that won't be returned. 

You can finally rest and breathe knowing that our unconditional love and ability to encourage YOUR inner guru will swifty carry you forward into becoming more than you ever knew was in there.

I can’t tell you how healing it is to be in the presence of a real life soulmate couple. They live and breathe what they teach, and I’ve found a more present and expansive version of myself that I now get to share with my life partner and soon-to-be husband!

The Soul Immersion is tailor-made for you - but there are some general features we can share with you for now to give you an idea of what to expect:

  • UNLIMITED coaching and mentorship for one year
  • UNLIMITED calls and text support [especially helpful for instant feedback pre and post-dates
  • weekly assignments that meet these guidelines for maximum impact and guaranteed success:
    • a bit edgy [you can't grow and adapt without challenge]
    • your willingness and ability to accomplish
    • accountability
  • sessions work on themes such as:
    • clarity on your vision for partnership
    • communication [needs, desires, conflict resolution, compassionate communication, validation, sex]
    • confidence
    • embodiment
    • sex and intimacy
    • body image, nutrition, movement
    • business coaching [work/life balance, bringing your business to the next level]
  • creative matchmaking that can include anything from personalized matchmaker mixer events and our own daterbase and networking to our online dating and vetting concierge service
  • once you've found your person - we will continue working with you as you lay down a healthy foundation for a lasting relationship
  • couples work in the areas of communication, sexuality, intention setting, and more
  • personal retreat or group retreat in a beautiful tropical location - we're spending the winter months travelling to find our special spot!
    • The group retreat will be made up of singles in the Soul Immersion and for those who has coupled up - your partner is also invited
    • Bonding group activities
    • One-on-one guided interactions
    • Exciting planned dates with your fellow co-creators that will leave you breathless and fully alive
    • High-vibe foods
    • Self-care rituals including meditation
    • Dance, writing, and art
    • Yoga classes
    • Our very own massage therapist for the whole week
    • And some super top secret other surprises that will totally knock your socks off. But who needs socks anyways?

Either retreat option [individual or group] will be designed to help you come out the other side rooted in a newfound ability to call anything into your life + a level of self-love that you never knew was possible

I really had no idea what I was getting into. You are seriously the best guides. Teaching me ways of communicating and being in my body. I thought I was good at this stuff, but wow, I had a lot to learn. I have to thank you guys for teaching me how to really be a man who listens and gives with all his heart.

You can probably tell that this journey is for people who are choosing love as a priority in their life. This is for people who have decided that relationships are the most important thing to them in this lifetime, and they are willing to open their hearts and do what it takes to master the skills necessary to have love love LOVE in their lives.

The Soul Immersion is for those who are ready to take on the challenge to become the lover they seek. 

Are YOU ready?