1) I feel self-conscious about aspects of my body including shape, size, or general appearance. *
2) Sometimes I fake orgasm or act like something is more pleasurable than it is. *
3) I usually take some kind of substance, alcohol. or drugs before being sexually intimate (especially with someone new). *
4) I feel uncomfortable talking about sex when I'm dating someone new. *
5) I don't ask potential sexual partners about STI's. *
6) I feel shame about what turns me on. *
7) When being sexually intimate, I focus on pleasuring the other person as a way to hide my self-judgements about my own pleasure needs. *
8) There's only one very specific position or way that I am able to climax. *
9) I feel really awkward, uncomfortable, or disgusted around public displays of affection. *
10) I judge myself or others for being prudish, slutty, creepy, or aggressive when it comes to sex. *
11) It's threatening to be around someone (especially someone who identifies with the same gender as me) who is empowered, free, and experienced when it comes to sex. *