To assess your level of sexual intelligence as described by Marty Klein, Ph.D in his groundbreaking book " Sexual Intelligence" , answer “true” or “false” to these ten questions.

1 ) There are things I wish I could tell my partner about my sexuality or our sex. *
2 ) There are sexual experiences in my past that I’m keeping secret from my partner. *
3) . I wish I could feel more comfortable with my body during sex. *
4) I sometimes fake orgasm, or pretend I like something more than I do. *
5) I worry about whether or not I’m sexually normal. *
6) It’s not really “sex” unless you have intercourse. *
7) Dealing with birth control undermines my sexual pleasure and comfort. *
8) . My partner and I disagree about what things we will and won’t do together sexually *
9) Sometimes I have sex when I’d rather not. *
10) When one of us doesn’t have an orgasm, it leads to distance or problems.