Take a look at our options below to find the perfect match for your journey to love. Each has specific values depending on your time, learning style and commitment level. 


Dating Detox  Self-Study Online Course

You want to hit a quick refresh button on your heart!

Home study online course filled with 8 powerful lessons to become a vibrational match to the partner you seek.

Includes audio, video, and reading materials to cater to various learning styles.

Some results you can expect:

Learn the #1 practice that will allow you to bring anything into your life -including how to easily attract resonant people into your life

feel comfortable in your skin

sexual empowerment

reclaim your worthiness of love

cultivating your intuition

clear stuck or toxic energy around your heart from past breakups and traumas

And more!


Soulmate Matchmaker Program

3 mths of 90-minute sessions via Skype or office with Chris + Kendra. These sessions are designed to help you let go of the past, develop new levels of confidence and self love, learn new mindfulness practices, higher levels of relating skills and practcial knowledge for dating and long-term love success

Our sessions includes various therapuetic modalities, counselling, spiritual wisdoms, relationship tools, self growth, mindfulness, physical embodiment and more..

Get clarity on your person and love life vision.

Weekly action step or "assignment".

Communication / support via text + email between sessions as needed.

Customized "Feeling Vision" Guided Meditation / Hypnosis Audio.

Online dating profile evaluation, upgrade + Image consulting, Video + Photo Shoot to help you shine.

Online dating concierge

Ongoing post-date feedback from both sides.

Matchmaking via your online dating service, our database + other social media/virtual means and more









The SOUL Immersion Transformation Journey is the most powerful offering we have ever created.

It includes all of our best including Unlimited Coaching for 1 year that includes all areas of your life including, the early stages of dating and relating as well as working with you and your new partner to lay the foundation for a truly exceptional partnership that is sustainable.

We will work with you on all key areas of your life including love, health, diet, business/ career, creativity, sexuality, embodiment, spirtuality, and more!

VIP Membership to the MatchMaker Club, and more...

Entry to the Love Life retreat a once in a lifetime experience designed to help you come out the other side rooted in the knowing that love is here and always will be. More details of the reatreat to come...

PLUS: A series of unique personalized matchmaker mixers events filled with potential soulmates, fun and merriment.

*You are invited to apply below by registering your interest. The soulmate matchmakers Chris + Kendra will be interviewing all potential participants and hand-selecting the right mix of people for maximum resonance and fall-in-love potential.