The Feelgood Dating app helps you date better while becoming a better you.

Think about it…

Online dating is the second-most-common way for couples to meet–right behind meeting through friends with 40 million Americans trying online dating services, it only becomes more normal every day.

Many daters meet via Apps + Websites like Tinder, and Match yet many daters consider them a necessary evil at best and just plain evil at worst.

There is a general frustration with the whole dating process because it feels too time consuming, superficial and disappointing with a general lack of respect, honesty and enjoyment.

Apps make it easier to connect with a larger variety of people but once the date starts the app stops and no support is given while in the dating process. 


The top dating problems as expressed by daters

Too many options- between the various apps, websites and people to date, along with all the time, energy and resources it takes to communicate, leads to burn out or overwhelm.

Common perceptions- No good men/women left etc. , feeling like it’s a waste of time, not being met at the same level etc. , leading to general negativity about dating.

Difficulties handling the emotions that come with dating- heartbreak, rejection, self-confidence challenges, ghosting, being too picky, settling, the pain of not finding your partner, etc.

Many apps are too superficial and image biased, too focused on hook-up culture, or not creating a community of daters based on respect and common courtesy.

The real top core problems

There is a fundamental problem with dating apps that burns people out and keeps them from connecting and it is in the way the apps are used.

Apps end where the dating begins. Once you meet someone in person, the app is not really involved in how that interaction goes or in subsequent dates as you try to form a relationship.

Dating can be tough without the right support to handle the emotions, rejection, and disappointments to evolve and attract lasting love.

Breaking your own self judgements and unconscious patterns about being single, not being there yet ( ie your shit together ) and comparisons to others, that keep you from getting out there having fun, enjoying the journey and trusting the process.

The Feelgood Dating app will create a community that humanizes the dating process, gives you a self growth platform and guarantees real connection with like minded people. It’s about helping people feel connected and empowered in the dating process and that ultimately leading to the relationship of your dreams.


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