Come join the club and become a member of our free daterbase as a Freestyle Dater or a Focused Priority Member! 

What's the difference between a Freestyler vs. Focused Priority Member?

FREEstylers are free to join and go on dates we arrange when we have the occasional match that fits. Once vetted, we'll keep you in our mind and hearts as a possible match and will be in touch to introduce you when possible. 

FOCUSED Priority Members hire us as experts to proactively find high-quality, vetted matches for them. They want a soulmate now! We will be seeking out your person using a variety of ways that tap into our community, network and online apps. You also will get a personal coaching session with your team. Priority Membership for 1 year is just $777.  

Either way please review the Evolve Dating Code before applying so that you understand the quality of people we are looking for and the integrity we require of all our daters. This is designed to provide you with a level of comfort in the type of people we match and vett for you. 


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