Do you want to let go of the paralyzing fear, insecurity, anxiety and lack of confidence you feel with women and evolve into a man of uncommon charisma, authentic power and the magnetic attraction that women love? 

I am here to tell you that it's not going to come from "game",  pick up lines, good looks, or status because you will still be the same YOU that you brought to the party. That guy that feels like he doesn't have a clue, is afraid of screwing it up or worse knows deep down it's mostly your fault and you don't know what to do about it. 

Here's the thing, you are not alone in this struggle with dating and relationships. As men we are not taught or encouraged to know this stuff. 

I want you to be truthful with yourself....

  • Are you sick of your dating going nowhere? Maybe you get the number, set the date and then start to panic. You get nervous, start playing out all the ways you might screw it up...and of course it goes the way you feared, she loses interest and disappears. 

  • Do you see an attractive woman you want to talk to but stress about fumbling over your words or running out of things to say? So you start feeling your emotions going crazy at the thought of approaching her and freezing up or not knowing what to say, so you end up not even bothering... 

  • Do you worry about ruining your chances on first date disasters to the point where you have a hard time even planning a date for fear of fucking it all up and blowing your chance with the woman of your dreams...

The fact is most men are not good at asking for help especially when it comes to women, dating and relationship. The shame and embarrassment for most men keeps them struggling and in the dark, hoping to somehow find their way out of the cave on their own. 

 For most men that we work with, dating can be the catalyst to the transformation they may not have even known they were seeking. Deeper is a burning desire to feel strong, confident and capable in their lives and with a woman as an extension of the good life they imagine. The feeling that you can have or do anything you set your sights on. To know you can master one of the biggest puzzles out there for most - LOVE. And not only to master it but to do it in a way that is honorable and a win/win for all. 

The Magnificent Man Challenge is designed for single men from all walks of life who want to be supported on their journey of mastery in dating and life and in the process becoming the Magnificent Man you were born to be.

What if you could go from totally confused about dating and relationships to knowing how to attract and sustain connection with the women you want? 

Here are some of the most common options...

A. CONTINUE TO DO WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING. Lots of hit and miss dating, trying desperately to find something that works and gets you out of the dating game asap , even if that leads to lots of wasted time and money.


C. DISCUSS YOUR DATING AND GET ADVICE FROM FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND OTHERS, who have an opinion but no real training, study or success in this area.



E. JOIN OUR MASTERMIND GROUP "THE MAGNIFICENT MAN CHALLENGE". We will bring together men who want to collaborate, share their challenges, knowledge, and experiences, while learning a new system of success with women. 

The keys we will be sharing with you are all about your inner world and the upgrading of your thoughts, beliefs, possibilities and way of being in the world. These are the things totally within your control and power to change. Just like the athlete who wants to become of champion. He studies, visualizes and trains to master his chosen sport.  We will be using the latest technologies, science and proven skills you need to evolve and take your place in your kingdom! 

Remember, dating mastery, being a man among men, and the kind of guy women are looking for is not about having game - it's about finding and living from your Authentic Power. The secret to finding this power and then directing it to create the life and love you desire is inside you and easily accessed, when you know how. 

This challenge is for those brave men who crave the feeling of authentic power and greatness that comes from courage and real vulnerability. Get ready to be able to emit the positive energy that women are drawn to because it is from a genuine and embodied place. You will develop the skills, character and true way of being that will help you enjoy a life full of friendship, love and success in all your relationships. 

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What is a Magnificent Man?

First off, this is a totally subjective definition of ours and we encourage each of you to create your own definition and intention. This will give it more energy and life as it becomes the vision you are manifesting for yourself. Here is ours and the foundation we will be using in the challenge. It is also a dynamic creation, so we will be evolving it as we work together as a group. 

The Magnificent Man

The Magnificent Man is a human being who loves with all his heart.

He embraces his vulnerability and expressing his truth.

He knows his greatness, is humble with it but also not afraid to show it.

He is inspired to explore the depths of his soul and the truth of his desires.

He lives with the intention of evolution and wellbeing of all.

He is irresistible because he is real and seeks spiritual-based partnership.

His spine is strong and grounded in the soil of his knowing

Listening is as important to him as action because he values all beings as equals.

Gratitude and appreciation are his constant state and the foundation he stands on.

His power emanates from his soul and the knowing he is sacred.

He oozes sex appeal from the freedom he feels to express his sexuality honestly.

He creates his life from the value of his emotions such as love, joy and happiness.

His dreams, vision and purpose are bold and clear.

His strength comes from the unseen threads of honor and respect he feels for those who came before, those who live from love and those who will follow.

He relies on his intuition, universal wisdom and support.

He is unstoppable in his quest to be the love he has been gifted.

He is able to meet his partner on all levels with compassion and kindness

He is a truly Magnificent Man.

What is the Challenge?

The MM Challenge is a 10 week online coaching group starting Feb 13th at 7pm MST with one call each week that will be recorded so you can live your life if you can't make it live. The group will be made up of other like-minded men who will support each other, come from a place of collaboration and offer mentorship and expert knowledge in many areas including:

  • Creating the mindset for magnetic attraction
  • The secrets to successful first dates 100% of the time
  • How to show her a great time while equally enjoying yourself
  • How to create connection and chemistry for long term success
  • How to open her up to you by building trust, intrigue and compatibility
  • Everything from basic Dating 101 through Advanced Communication Skills
  • How to live a mindful life and let the law of attraction work for you
  • To live from your heart, be in tune with your sexual energy and develop advanced knowledge and skills in sexuality
  • Building your own Dating Plan - a step by step plan you can immediately implement 

If you are ready to look within to discover the light of love that we all have but few fully access and let shine, this might be the answer for which you've been searching.

How will you know you have met the Challenge and achieved the growth you want? 

Just like when you are starting a new fitness plan, you will be tracking specific key indicators and areas of desired improvement. These will be things we can measure and assess using yourself as the mechanism. It's not rocket science but more like a training device of the heart and the wisdom you will take forward forever.

How will you know this is program is for you? When you have the feeling in your balls that you have to do this... when your gut says fuck yes!  

This is an invitation-only program. The first step is to claim your interest by clicking Pre-Register Now below. The only main requirements are a willingness to commit to the 10 weeks ( 1 live group call a week ( recorded if you can't make some live dates)  and some self study and assignments,

You will also need to have a sincere desire to help yourself and others, to break through your old stories and bring the energy needed to follow through to the other side. The side that is led by your highest self and the potential you have inside just dying to get out. This is your wake up call and the sign from the universe you have been looking for. 

Once pre-registered, we'll schedule a phone or skype chat with you. We want to hear about your goals for joining, answer any of your questions, and make sure we're a good fit for each other.  

Conquer the internal BS that’s holding you back and make permanent changes in the way women relate to you!

We have limited spots as this will be a closed group and we want space and time for each man to get full value and guidance. So please pre-register your interest ASAP, do the call, and let's bust-a-move and make 2018 The Year of the Magnificent Man. 

After going through this journey and the knowledge you will gain, I promise you are going to immediately feel like a new man.  You’ll also start to notice 7 dramatic improvements emerging :

  1. Women will respond more positively, and enthusiastically to you.
  2. All people you come in contact with will treat you with a new level of respect, curiosity and desire.
  3. Attractive women you once felt were “out of your league” now seem easily within your reach.
  4. Meeting women no longer feels like “work”… it will feel easy and fun!
  5. The feeling of nervousness you used to have before you approached a woman, called a woman on the phone, or met a woman for a drink will be completely gone.
  6. Your confidence will be at an all time high and your attraction point will have no limits.
  7. Your skills at communication, realness and charisma will have people wondering what has happened to you and want you to share your secrets. 

As far as I am concerned it's a done deal. It will happen, it's just a matter of timing. 

Please don’t let another day go by. Make the decision right now to create this new life for yourself… and don’t let anything stop you from achieving your dreams.

It’s your time.


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