This is for you who's not looking for just a companion so you're not lonely anymore - you're the kind who wants SOULMATE LOVE with deep connection, belly-aching laughter, and cosmic sensuality. In this session, we'll guide you into honing your inner guru to:

  • uncover your blocks to love
  • gain clarity on your vision for partnership so you're feeling it and living it
  • leave feeling renewed hope and ready with a plan to move forward on this path to love

We view dating as a doorway to becoming more of yourself, and we're happy to usher you through with our fun, heart-based approach.

Because you opened your heart to Tantra Speed Date, we're taking 50% off our regular rate - so just $80 for a full 90-minute session with both of us. To sign up, click below. For other payment options, book HERE.

We're psyched to spend some more time with you!

May the love be with you!

Chris + Kendra