We help conscious lovers attract and sustain the magical kind of soulmate connection that's full of belly-aching laughter, cosmic intimacy, and the freedom to become more of yourself than you ever knew was in there. 


Who we serve? 

  • I'm a high-achiever, doing big work in the world, and am successful and genuinely fulfilled in many areas of life; but when it comes to relationship, I just can't figure it out. I know I'm a good catch - what the heck?!


  • I'm divorced or don't really have a positive reference point for what a healthy, happy, conscious partnership can be. I have some relating skills, but definitely could use some more guidance especially in creating a strong partnership from the get-go, really being myself, expressing myself freely, and getting my needs met for lasting love.


  • I have lots of social anxiety and trouble feeling connected with others. I haven't really been in a long term partnership or it's been a while. I want to feel more comfortable in my skin, confident in my abilities to relate, and clarity on my vision for what I want and what I offer in partnership.

You may be some or none of these and that's ok. If you feel called then we want to hear from you. It all starts with a free 15 chat, then if that feels good we do a 1 time Love Activation Session. You will get some valuable insights and a dating plan. 



We work with clients anywhere in the world.

We're actually rated the #1 Matchmaking and Dating Coaching service in Denver and Boulder!

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Our Services

We are not your typical matchmaker or dating coaches. We work with you to get to a place where you only need one or two good dates to find your true love. If you are ready to make the decision to commit to your desire for partnership then we can support you. Find out how....


Immersion Journey

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Soulmate MatchMaker


Coaching and Matching package

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The Dating Detox

8 Day Self Study Online Course will help you get clear and ready for love

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What makes us unique from other matchmaking services?

We don't just send you on dates with unlikely matches to fill a guaranteed quota. We sit down with you and really get to know you and each and every person we introduce to you. Most importantly, we offer a coaching component, which is definitely not the norm. Whether there's some releasing of past relationships, learning of new skills, getting clear on what you want - we'll help you get into a place where you attract YOUR person and start the relationship in a way that makes it last a lifetime.



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How to approach anyone the evolved way!

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 Listen to our FREE Audio to become a vibrational match to your SOULMATE

Listen to our FREE Audio to become a vibrational match to your SOULMATE

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