Have you've decided that 2019 is your year for love?

It's a great time to hit the reset button on a new momentum on anything. So why not use it toward your love life?  Whether that's true for you or you're still not sure, we'd love to support you by gifting you a totally FREE self-study guide that we've made especially for that part of you that's TIRED, BORED, or
PISSED OFF with this whole dating thing.

Dating Upgrades that Lead to Love

  • The top 4 blocks to having fun with dating - this is a key thing to know in order to make a shift.

  • Why having fun on dates is so important - maybe one of the MOST important things for attracting lasting love

  • The 5 keys to funner dates -most people think that their success in dating relies on compatibility. Compatibility defined by common interests. But that’s not actually true. Compatibility is something YOU create - which is something that most people don’t know. And we’re going to teach you exactly how to do that.

  • A new dating plan moving forward - Relax with us...we've got your back!

  • Listen all the way through from beginning to end [hopefully you can take the time to be sitting with paper + pen; but it's also something you can conveniently listen to in your car.