Welcome to the Dating Detox!

We’re Chris + Kendra, your wingmates for the next 8 days. We are so excited you’re participating in this with us. Though the detox is mostly a home-study program, we really encourage you to reach out to us if you need anything!

Anyone can teach or learn how to get more dates or how to date better in general - but what's the point if you're gonna attract people that aren't your match? So this course is about making the necessary shifts in your own vibration and then learning practical dating stuff [like how to approach someone new, where to meet people, how to keep a conversation going, talking about sex, etc.].

We admit it, we have a personal agenda of delivering you lots of value in the short processes we’ve created for you each day. One or more days in the detox may inspire you to do some further exploration. So we also invite you to work with us in person or on Skype if you're wanting a deeper dive. Seeking an alternative counselor is another option to consider. Either way, we wanna tell you up front that some of this stuff could require additional support.

At Evolve Dating Gurus, our programs create a journey for you to re-imagine your dating life into a doorway for more fun, heart-centeredness, and a deeper way of being. And the 8-day Dating Detox is designed to refresh your heart as a first step on that journey. How you incorporate the program into your life is your choice. And one awesome thing is that it doesn't matter where you're starting!

Over the next 8 days, we offer you support, guidance, and tools. We consider these offerings to be a co-creation between the two of us and the various wisdoms we find around the world and through the ages. In this way, the program provides a holistic way of approaching the human ritual of dating.

On top of that, we have done a version of every one of these processes, and know that each was absolutely integral to attracting one another as life partners. Yep! If you didn't already know, we met some years ago and have been so flippin' over the moon in love ever since. And we agree that it's totally because we were coming towards each other from the foundation of all the things you'll find in this course. Anyone can teach or learn how to get more dates or how to date better in general - but what's the point of learning if you're gonna attract people that aren't your match?

So, it's kinda like the Hair Club commercial - We're not only the creators of the program, we're also clients!

Before you hit the the “reset” button on your love life, we want to walk you through the basic flow for each day and the possible effects of the detox. Just a reminder, you're gonna get additional content for your course totally FREE for as long as the internet is around - so expect updates every so often...

The basic flow

  • Morning BAM!!! This is a 60-second meditative practice of awakening your entire being to the presence of love. An awesome way to start your day. You'll do this practice every day.

    1. Guided exercise. This is in either audio, video, or PDF downloadable format.

    2. In-field assignment. This is an assignment to be done at some point during the day. The assignments are relational in nature.

    3. Bonuses. These come in a variety as well - videos, audios, pdf's. We'll release these to you once you've completed your detox!

Possible effects

  • reclaiming your worthiness of love

  • feeling comfortable in your skin and the self confidence that follows

  • increased sense of presence in all areas of life

  • elevating your vibration to a place of peace + enthusiasm

  • revitalizing trust in yourself and your ability to love and be loved

  • bringing a shining impact to every person who comes into contact with you

  • attracting resonant people into your life be it romantic or friends

  • attracting the kind of partner + love life you're wanting

We already know you're worthy of love because you ARE love. And there’s no better time than now to invest in yourself and the love that you are.

Groove your inner guru for love!

Chris + Kendra

P.S. You may feel resistance come up during the detox: “I don’t want to do this exercise” “This is making me feel worse than when I started” “What’s the point of this?”

Making big shifts can feel very vulnerable and scary, so it makes sense to feel resistant. All we ask is that you notice the resistance. Even try naming it in your mind’s eye: “I’m noticing resistance.” And if uncomfortable feelings begin to surface, know that this whole process is in the service of love... your love and the love you want to share with your partner.

So, without further ado, let’s get that heart refreshed!

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