Introduction to the Dating Detox Day 8: Reflection and Integration

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Video Transcription:

Wow! You made it to day 8. So flippin’ awesome! Have you done every single thing in here? If not – no worries. First, it’s not too late to go back. Second, maybe you don’t need to.

We’re all about encouraging you to do what feels good. Anything else is just not that important. Plus – that’s what “groove your inner guru” is all about. Trusting what you inner guru feels about things.

Today is a day of reflection and integration. So let’s take a moment to reflect on our journey…

Day 1 was about alignment. Hopefully you came up with a kick-ass BAM, and you’ve been practicing that for a minute or more each day.

Day 2, we talked about how nonjudgmental noticing is the first step to changing patterns that aren’t serving us anymore.

Day 3 was about owning our full selves – both light and dark. It was about being able to look at ourselves in the mirror, both literally and metaphorically.

Day 4, we talked about momentum and how thoughts gather momentum – so it’s super powerful when we learn to have deliberate thoughts in the direction of love.

Day 5 was grooving the inner guru. We talked about how having more love in your life is a choice. We also called upon the voice of the inner guru asking for wisdom about our love life.

Day 6 was about learning how to be comfortable in your skin. We talked about how expressing ourselves fully is actually a favor to others. It unconsciously communicates that others are free to be themselves too.

Day 7 we talked about the many variations of sexuality and how it can affect our love life. We practiced an intentional way of expanding our capacity for intimacy with ourselves so that intimacy with another flows naturally.

Whoo! That’s a lot of detoxing.

Just with a nutritional body cleanse – it’s important to transition in a really deliberate way. In other words, you probably shouldn’t do an 8 day juice cleanse and on day 9 snarf down a cheeseburger. Rather, on day 9, you might want to carry pieces of what you learned into the rest of your life.

So we kinda lied. It’s not really an 8-day dating detox. It’s really a lifelong path. At Evolve Dating Gurus, we like to say that dating is a doorway. After doing this detox – what is the doorway that dating can be for you?

We’ve had clients say that in their journey with us, dating has become a doorway into more depth and spirituality in relationships. Some have said that dating has become a doorway to more fun and play in their life. Take a moment and think about your answer. What’s your intention moving forward. What do you want dating to be a doorway to in your life?

Now make a plan for the next 40 days to continue practicing the BAM!!! With consistent practice, you will attract love with ease because you will be loving yourself more, vibing in the feelings you want to feel, and believing that the love of your life is here! The combination of those three things are totally magnetic.

Final task.

Having completed the course, what now? What is your intention moving forward? Spend a little time asking your inner guru: What is my next step when it comes to creating the love life of my dreams?

You’ve got this!

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May the love be with you, 

Chris + Kendra