Got the dating burn out blues? Cleanse, renew and hit the refresh button on your heart. Watch the video to learn how.


We're psyched for you!

Why? Well because if you've found this magical course - it's a really good sign. Today you're beginning anew on your journey to love.

Humans spend way too much thinking about what we don't want rather than thinking about what we DO want. It's actually part of our neurological wiring. Let's see if you have that wiring.

Ever have passing thoughts like these?

  • Maybe I'm just supposed to be single forever.

  • My coworkers must think something's wrong with me since I don't have my own family.

  • Trying so hard to find someone is depressing.

  • I hate feeling lonely.

  • All the good ones must be taken.

If so, it's OK! It's totally normal!

But just because it's normal doesn't mean it's working. And in fact, it's working against you. With thoughts like those, you are more of a vibrational match to being single + feeling judged, depressed, and lonely.

When we're a vibrational match to something, we attract it.

So that's exactly why we created this course: to inspire you into becoming a vibrational match to the love of your life. 

The Dating Detox works on spiritual, emotional, and neurological levels to get you so practiced at re-imagining your love life that you'll be creating it in real life as soon as you start. 


Oh, this has been amazing! The course is beautiful. So many revelations. Each day I was attracting connections from people like never before. I feel so much more ready for a relationship, and other areas of my life are reflecting that readiness too!
— Shannon Walbran, South Africa
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My experience has been wonderful and life-changing. Through the course and coaching, I have found my soulmate at 68. She is my match in every way possible, which I didn’t think would happen until I found this work. Forever grateful.
— Jim Francis, Boulder, CO


What can you expect after the Dating Detox?


Headaches, nausea, constipation, dry mouth, insomnia, broccoli-smelling sweat, and a ravenous desire for lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne.

Just kidding!

Good news - Unlike a typical detox, every single side effect of the Dating Detox feels amazing! Here are just some of the direct results you can expect from taking the course...


You will...

Evolve Dating Gurus Dating Detox online course law of attraction powerful creator.jpg

Cultivate a self-love practice that you'll want to keep doing the rest of your life.


Develop a totally embodied sense of knowing that you are the creator of your experience. You will no longer be acting consciously or unconsciously from a victim stance. 

evolve dating gurus best online course how to find your soulmate self love

Feel more brave, comfortable, and alive in your body than ever before.

oneness evolve dating gurus best online course for singles to find love

Easily attract resonant people into your life - be it romantic or otherwise.

evolve dating gurus best matchmaker boulder best online course for single how to attract likeminded friends

Feel absolutely confident in your ability to control your attention so that you never have to be completely hijacked by negative or otherwise unhelpful thoughts again.

Exude an increased sense of presence + mindfulness in all areas of your life.


Hone a genuine sense of oneness, compassion, and connection with everything + everyone. Trust us. This is what makes makes every single relationship easy + sustainable!

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Increase your capacity to own ALL parts of yourself- the good, the bad, the perfectly imperfect.

Reclaim your inherent worthiness of love.

shadow work owning all parts how to find my soulmate online course for singles.jpg

Have a new + empowered way of being in conversation with anyone, not just potential matches.

Be able to clearly differentiate between the voices of your ego, fear, and intuition.

You will master being able to tap into your inner guru so that you have guidance + full trust in yourself when it comes to potential partners + general life decisions.

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intuition and finding the right woman finding the right man evolve dating gurus online course

Clear any stuck or toxic energy around your heart, especially from past breakups and traumas.

how to keep a conversation going evolve dating gurus online course

Establish a new sense of sensuality, intimacy, and sexual confidence that you'll be inspired to find someone just to explore it more.


...become the vibration of love.

Chris DeCicco best dating coach online course evolve dating gurus


Still wondering what exactly does the Dating Detox course include?



Dating Detox Details


          This course has tremendous value as we're giving you hands-down the most impactful processes out there based on our combined research...that you won't have to do on your own!

We developed these processes from our own life experience and the information we've collected from some of the best resources in the world of conscious relating.

After years of applying them to ourselves and our clients, we boiled it all down to the ones that work time and time again.  

We've found that these processes not only have to work - they also have to be a little edgy, fun, and energizing for people to be inspired enough to actually follow through.

So, we've crafted them as such! Giving you a morning practice you'll get addicted to, plus new daily guided exercises in a variety of formats so we keep you on your toes. Formats throughout the course include PDFs, videos, and audios.

It is packed with information that will not only transform your dating life but will have lasting effects in your fulfillment in all areas of your life. 

We will lead you to inquire into current beliefs and patterns that may be blocking you and help you reframe them into new perspectives and thought patterns.


When you can feel love whether you have a partner or not, love + everything else flows easily + effortlessly to you.

Kendra Seoane Evolve Dating Gurus vibration of love


But wait! There's more!


We not only want to help you create the right vibe for love to show up easily, we also want to give you some practical steps and skills you can use while in the dating world. Of course these are all designed from a conscious relating perspective, so you're sure to find some unique takes on traditional challenges. 

Bonus Videos + Guides


Bonus #1: Where to meet people

This video gives you some super helpful guidelines to get out in the right places to meet like-minded people who are interested in meeting you. You'll get a guide to download as well so you can stop wasting your time at bars or places that just don't resonate with you.

Bonus #2: How to approach someone you don't know

Ever walk by someone that you just get this hit that you wanna know this person or at least say something? Here we give you a step-by-step process that takes away the awkwardness + fear of being creepy without having to use pickup artist strategies.. Yes, you can be genuine + in your heart + go up to someone you've never met. You'll want to know this secret - trust us!

Bonus #3: Better online dating

This handy dandy quick guide has all our top tips for online dating. If you've ever had the complaints that it's time-consuming, you can't stand going back and forth with no actual meeting, you're disappointed when you finally do meet someone, or that you're doing all the reaching out - this is going to rock your world

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This course completely shifted my attitude about dating. Half way through it, I met the most lovely man ever. It’s been over 6 months and getting better everyday!
— Ann K, Miami, FL
If you are self-growth focused and live a mindful life or want more of those things then this course will totally resonate. I feel more myself, which I didn’t know was possible.
— Jared B, Los Angeles, CA


Our Guarantee


We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you truly open yourself to this course and don't feel the changes you're wanting - we'll refund you 100%.


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