21 Ways to Attract True Love this Valentine's Day

We know how hard it can be to pass by yet another restaurant display announcing their 6 course couple's dinner and you know you'll be eating something easy at home by yourself. To think about others receiving flowers at work could make you want to scream. Why is it this time of year that it seems like everyone is happily coupled up except for you...again. 

Well, it's all an illusion. Not everyone is coupled up. And certainly not everyone's happy.

So, we spent some time compiling a list of ideas for how you could spread some love to others who could use it - while creating the vibration of love in yourself! 

  1. Buy some kid's valentines and put them on some windshields in a parking lot.

  2. Keep a pack of valentine's cards with you and randomly pass them out to people with whom you cross paths like the women in the bakery counter, the man waiting at the cross walk next to you, or the person behind you in line at the ATM.

  3. Write a love poem and post it on facebook.

  4. Create a poster size card with inspiring quotes and words of love to a nursing home or hospital.

  5. Buy a bag of decadent chocolates, and give them to someone who looks hungry.

  6. Simply smile bigger at every person you pass today.

  7. Cut out hundreds of hearts and tape them all over your friend's front door.

  8. Make a point to tell a coworker what you love about them.

  9. Call up a friend you haven't reached out to in awhile.

  10. Find a delicious recipe you haven't tried like fudge and bring it to someone who always feels genuinely present when they're with you.

  11. Buy a single flower, and put it in your neighbor's mailbox.

  12. Go around your home with a box to collect things that you haven't used or appreciated in the last year to drop at a local donation center than supports a cause that warms your heart.

  13. Pay for the coffee of the person behind you.

  14. Let someone go in front of you in the grocery store line.

  15. Sit at a coffee shop and sketch a person or write a poem about them and hand it to them before you leave.

  16. Notice the positive impact someone has on you and share it with them.

  17. Leave a bunch of quarters in a vending machine or on a parking meter.

  18. Paint some rocks with loving words, and leave them at the entrance of a park.

  19. Tell a friend how you are inspired by them.

  20. Write a love letter to your future partner.

  21. Write a love letter to yourself.

Valentine's day does not have to be depressing or lonely. Plus - you have no idea how just one of these things could affect someone's day (or life).

Last year I stopped and chatted with a person who had a box of artwork. He told me that he had been one of the thousands of artists for The Little Mermaid. He said he was in charge of illustrating Sebastian. After just giving him time and presence and attention, he said he wanted to just give me one of his drawings. I told him I didn't have any cash on me "but thank you anyways," but he refused to let me go empty handed. So, I picked out one that I like and walked off thinking that I didn't really want it - but this was about the joy he had in giving it to me.

After walking about 4 blocks away, I saw another man sitting in a bench, looking down at his feet. I asked if he was Ok, which opened up a story of what was going on for him. He asked to borrow my phone to call his mother. He couldn't get ahold of her, but he thanked me over and over. Before I turned to go, I told him: "I wish I had money to give you, but all i have is this," handing him the illustration of The Little Mermaid. The man held it in his hands, looked at it, paused. I didn't know if he was feeling ridiculously offended or what.

He began to sob. "This used to be my favorite movie as a child. You have no idea what this means to me. I know this is a sign that everything is going to be OK." He could barely get the words out with his tears and asked "Are you an angel?"

I told him I didn't think so, but that an angel probably guided me to him.

See? You just never know the impact you could have on someone. Let yourself be guided today. Let your love find someone, and love will find you.