If you’d rather live in a tree full of giant tarantulas crawling on you than…

Go on yet another dead-end interview coffee date, we feel you.

If you'd rather....insert scary, painful thing here..then repeat " If you'd rather before each statement below. Then send us your funny " If you'd rather "  dating humor we love to hear it. 

Sign up for another dating app only to get an influx of messages like Hi, What’s up, You’re hot!

Waste endless hours of your life mindlessly swiping left.

Feel the pain of long awkward silences on first dates.

Continue dating people who aren’t actually available emotionally or otherwise.

Let more dust collect on your sexuality like a Ferrari kept in the garage.

Knowing you’re a  NO within the first 5-10 seconds of meeting someone and feeling trapped but staying because you’re nice or just frozen.

Decide to just avoid dating altogether while trying to tell yourself that you don’t mind being single forever.

Feel stuck in the belief that no one will ever compare to your ex.

Read yet another dating advice article on the 5 things you should never do or a book on the secret inside workings of the male/female mind, BARF.

Have to figure out the best lines that don’t make you sound like a creep.

Hear any more dating advice full of conflicting rights and wrongs that you can’t even remember.

Rescue your next partner financially or emotionally.

Pretend you don’t have needs just to keep the peace.

Spend another night on your couch watching netflix without someone to snuggle.

Watch yet another attractive person walk by cause you can’t figure out what to say.

Endlessly message with people you never even get to meet in person, cause that’s easier.

Never get to a first date.

Only get to the first date that never goes anywhere.

Date the wrong person for too long because you really fucking hate dating.

Much less doing it all alone, which only highlights your singledom and exacerbates the shame, frustration or embarrassment you feel about it.

Or maybe you are just feeling overwhelmed at the idea of having to track and manage it all.


Guess what? You are not alone in this.

Ahhh, deep breath. We totally hear you. And we’ve got your back.

Hey! We’re Chris + Kendra.

We created Evolve Dating Gurus to help heart-centered people like you to get off the dating merry-go-round and into a soulmate partnership.

How, you ask?  It’s simple. We use intuition, community and technology mostly. 

We get to know you deeply and provide the kind of unconditional support you never got about how to date, relate, love and do relationship in a healthy fulfilling way.

So bring your heart ache, uncertainty, anxiety, pain, patterns, limiting beliefs, relationship blind spots, imperfections, warts and all. We’ll help you glean the perfection of your journey up to now and transform that shit with compassion and love. Let’s co-create a crystal clear vision of new love, how it feels and you imagine it could be. You’ll get to the place where you not only believe that it’s possible but that you can feel the relaxation of knowing it’s near.

We provide just-for-you fine-tuning guidance that allows you to come to a place where you:

Release the self-judgements that say there must be something wrong with you because everyone else seems to have figured out how to partner up but you.

See how amazing you are so much so that others can’t not see it. Feeling confident and ready with a new set of relating tools that will last a lifetime. Expressing yourself more freely in your perfectly messy brilliant way.

We know that as you’re coming into this place - your person will be attracted either directly to you or introduced by us. We’re constantly meeting new people. And when we do - we spend some time with them, really getting to know them, so you can feel excited to meet when we think your a match.

Book a free call and get out of that tree full of tarantulas!

Love C + K