Get to know your..............Introvert

Do you have a little introvert in you or know someone who does? This great graphic developed in Canva got us thinking about all the great people out there that are just misunderstood about who they are and how I may doing this to myself or others. Could it be leading to a blocking of someone new coming into my life?


The graphic shows how introverts actually loss energy ( battery life ) and feel drained the more new people they interact with in a day. It also states some facts that make it easier to accept and interact with someone who may need more alone time or space.

When I inquire if any of these apply to me or if I have some judgement of anyone else that may display these traits I wonder.

How does my shadow about introverts effect my ability to connect to them or to that part of myself.

I own that lately I have been a bit more introverted and connecting to that part of me that loves spending time alone in thought, creating and loving myself in favorite and new ways.

At the heart of our offerings is the principle that in order to love someone fully as their true self we must do this with ourselves first and foremost.

To own all of who we are creates the space to be the love we are and to share from that place.

So we invite you to ask yourself what you see in others that annoys, irritates or creates frustration in you? Where does this part or trait live in you and may be feeling ignored or judged as not worth accepting?

Getting to the heart of some of these underlining beliefs may just be the key to being able to receive and allow the love you desire to show up.

We wish you Love