Evolving Love through Touch


Last night was an awesome celebration of love and human connection.

We hosted a snuggle party and viewing of the movie " Cuddle- The Documentary " of which Kendra and I have central roles.  We had 28 people all cozied up on a cold winter's night. I want to thank you Jason O'Brien for making the movie and all your hard work , Sasha for co-hosting and everyone who supported us and yourselves by attending. I hope the movie changes hearts and minds as to the importance of more loving non-sexual touch. 

It is a very personal glimpse into a period of my life that has transformed me in positive ways seen and unseen. My ability to recognize love within myself and to receive, give , attract and spread more love with compassion without fear or judgement. I am forever grateful.

My experience of the movie: It was so great to see all the wonderful souls who believe in the Universal power of Love and the value in extending comfort zones in love. I definitely hit my comfort level after watching Paul and myself in the main scene of the film about half way through our session. Just the intimacy and vulnerability of two men cuddled up and sharing deep feelings of brothers, fathers, and the lines between masculinity, conditioning around sexuality and authenticity. It reminded me of why I started this path of evolving love. To heal myself and offer that to others that need it for whatever reason without judgement. To educate myself and others on what is possible and probable when we move towards our resistance and beyond into our dreams of what love is , can be and do in the world.

Cuddling is healthy
Cuddling is healthy

The movie debates the subject of money for snuggles as a central theme as well as the question " Can people just cuddle without sex"? 

I think it depends on your personal beliefs of what money and sexuality are. For instance if you have judgments of money, example money is the root of all evil, or money and spirituality are opposites then you will feel discomfort at the idea of paid snuggles. If you feel that sexuality is something that can't be controlled or is not a choice that you can be conscious of then it will challenge your dogma and you probably won't like the idea. 

As far as snuggling as a paid service my feeling is " To offer an exchange of loving energy for money seems like a sacred thing since both are part of creation and divine substances". 

In the modern dating world our standard cultural story is that physical intimacy means sex. With the rise of  technology like Tinder and online dating apps in general it seems like the expectations are that if I contact you I want sex and by implied agreement you do also. 

Read the article :

"Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse”

 We encourage people to question this and other topics of dating and relationship as a way to self-growth. Self-empowerment is a path that will challenge all your beliefs. The pay-off is a new level of aliveness and joy that can be imagined. 

Ask yourself what you want? If it is a cuddle only, deep conversations and playful fun then ask for that. It takes practice but gets easier. 

The movie itself got a great response and comments like how touching it was, how it open eyes to the extent of the need for more touch in our culture etc., how experiencing something can blow away snap judgments steeped in conditioning. 

I hope you chose to watch it and explore your edges if it calls to you. Check in and ask your heart what it wants. 

If you have seen the movie please write a review. Support independent film making as a way to evolve the planet and raise the vibration.

Fear to Love.


Please go to Amazon and write a review of the movie to help encourage others to view it and spread the love. 

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