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Just yesterday, we were saying to each other. How do we encapsulate our perspective of knowing our one-ness and honoring our unique-ness when it comes to dating? A view that is a liiiiiittle different from many of the other mainstream dating experts that promote things like:

  • How to get into a woman’s mind
  • Here are the 7 crucial rules to know about dating men
  • The main things men look for in a woman
  • Signs that a woman is not interested

These headlines say that all men are a certain way and all women are a certain way. Learn their secrets and follow this set of rules in order to get their love.

Well, frankly, we think that’s a crock o’ shit.

We totally get why this way of thinking has developed – but it leaves hardly any room for all the various genders, sexualities, ages, colors, cultures, on and on and on. It can create an internal pressure to conform. Or, it can teach you to manipulate for your own needs – using others as a means to an end. The pressure comes from trying to be someone you are not or think you need to be.

We like to focus on what we have in common as human beings – that we are love and from the same source. We have the same needs to love and be loved just as we are.

Evolve Dating Gurus teaches how to do that. For instance, we teach how to be genuinely curious about a person and what makes them unique.

When we focus on the commonality that we all want to love and be loved – our perceived differences just become opportunities to experience and play with each other to inspire us into expansion.

This all seems so experiential – rather than something that can be cognitively put into words. But luckily, soon after we were trying to figure it out, our friend sent us this video. It totally speaks to this particular foundation of our dating coaching.

This is the kind of mindset and heartset you can expect when you’re working with us.

If this philosophy resonates with you, and you’re looking to groove your way to more love – consider supporting this website that is spreading the love of diversity and inclusion. Hellz yaz!

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