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Almost everybody dating today has used online dating sites or apps to find love. But let's face it - most people hate doing online dating for various reasons from the time it takes to the fears of weirdos and stalkers to name a few. At Evolve Dating Gurus we believe that once you are in the right frame of mind and aligned with your own love frequency, then online apps can be a great resource to attract your person. We think it can definitely be part of your 2017 vision board plan for finding new love.

To get you kick-started we wanted to bring to you a review that we think is awesome! It will save you all the time and effort of figuring out this shizz on your own. You or we could spend years doing the research, analyzation and crunching of the numbers - but why do that when the folks over at did it for us already. Here is a summary:


Man they are amazingly thorough at hacking the online dating maze to bring to you the top 4 sites that include the overall winner winner chicken dinner that is


Now our own experience and working with hundreds of clients has led us to the same conclusion. In fact, as part of our Soulmate Matchmaker program we will help you set-up a winning online dating profile that truly reflects what you're all about... and we always recommend as the platform of choice.

We actually use your profile to find matches for you and set-up the initial first dates.  So we need to have an application that has plenty of quality people and is easy to use. It doesn't hurt that the free version also works well and is enough for most people to find quality, like-minded peeps.

Hit us up for more details on exactly how we do this unique matchmaking service!

Other apps worth trying are, especially if you're a man looking for a woman between 40-55. They have almost 50% more women users in that range.

And believe it or not, the Tinder app [ ] has also been doing well in the Boulder scene lately with people that are more focused on a long-term relationship. It started out as a hook-up app - and still is in some cities - but in Boulder the more conscious-minded folks have realized that they can use it in the way they want.

If your goal is to meet real, genuine people for a relationship then don't just put up a few pictures. Make sure you fill out and state up front on your summary what you want. This really helps and can produce great results.

So go ahead and check out the review by clicking below. We'd love to hear your thoughts or experience on our facebook page as well. What's the site you prefer?

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May the LOVE be with you!