Arise Music Festival kinda changed my Life

Chris Kendra in grass Arise Music Festival
Chris Kendra in grass Arise Music Festival

We each wrote about Arise from our own perspectives...

Kendra's Post:

I’m not gonna lie: When I looked at the lineup for Arise Music Festival, I felt pretty “on the fence.” But once Chris and I decided to offer coaching sessions throughout the weekend, I got excited about the prospect and aligned with the decision to go. I was fully expecting ease, fun, and magic. Holy shit was I right!

Arise is not just a music festival. It’s got a heart beat. You can feel it in the music, in the workshop tents, throughout the vendor lane, amongst the crowd, and within each individual.

The artists seem to be conscious / spiritual types, which attracts similar audience members, awesome high vibe workshops, the healthiest festival food options I’ve ever seen, plus one tree is planted for every ticket sold. Um…yeah.

Rather than putting several hours into creating a workshop for Arise, Chris and I decided to be of service to the community through offering free spontaneous sessions. We also decided that instead of efforting to find people, we’d let them find us.

We walked the festival grounds, taking it all in, being in our joy. And one by one, we’d somehow bump into someone, or be introduced to someone through someone else, or someone would pass us - and like SHA-ZAM! It was clear that the three of us needed to sit down for a sesh.

The sessions were called “Love Illumination Activations.” The first part was about shining the light on your inner guru wisdom. The second part was about creating a clear vision for your love life. The intention was for you to walk away feeling on fire and ready.

I’d like to share some of the details from one of the sessions, just one example of the magic in being aligned.

Chris and I are sitting under a tree in the shade. Resting, feeling awesome. Even though the tree was on the outskirts, away from any people traffic, we were like: “Let’s sit and attract people from here.”

snake at Arise Music Festival
snake at Arise Music Festival

A woman came by who had snake tattoos. I told her: “The snake has been my totem animal forever, but I recently decided to re-evaluate just in case if it’s changed. But as soon as I had that thought, I started seeing snakes. Two even live in our front yard. So, I’ve been reconsidering again.”

We kinda bonded over that, and eventually it became clear that we should do a session together. Without going into details, the shifts were truly palpable. The wisdom revealed was perfect. And after our closing meditation, I prompted us all to open our eyes and just look around a bit to come back to the moment.

As I glance at the tree, I’m like: “Is that a snake?!

We all get closer and peer into the middle of the tree and sure enough - it’s a snake!

Chris ends up finding out that it was actually dead though. But it was still soft and warm. Like, it just recently died.

The woman ran to her tent to get something. She came back with her portable altar box - complete with sage, incense, tobacco, stones, and a snake figurine [how awesome is that?].

We had a ceremony there and each meditated on the medicine that was in this super synchronistic, high-vibe experience together.

Each of us received different messages - and fuck, they were right on point. It was just too cool. Actually…it was the perfect amount of cool.

Anyways, the weekend went along like that. Magical moment after magical moment. Even little moments like when I was walking on the hay, starting to feel a horrible headache from allergies, I thought: “Tomorrow I’m gonna hafta remember to bring some Ibprophen.” Not even a breath after I had the thought, I rested my hands in my pockets and pulled out three pills. I mean…come on.

So, this is my “thank you” to all the magical beings who were open, amazing, and willing to do sessions with Chris and me.

This is also my “thank you” to everyone who had heart, intention, and alignment there. Thank you for coming together to co-create the perfect environment for raising the vibration of the weekend and even the planet. I know we did.

And lastly, this is my invitation to you. If you find yourself this time next year feeling “on the fence” about going to Arise - may an unexpected breeze topple you over to the side of going.

No… it’s not really about pushing yourself to do anything that doesn’t feel right. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Arise “kinda changed my life” because it confirmed everything I’ve been practicing over the last few years.

I’ve been practicing aligning to my soul’s calling and trusting that whatever will be will be magic. And every single day, I receive confirmation of the magic in this way of being. But the potency of the magic at Arise made me realize how much power there is when there’s a bunch of people practicing a similar way of being.

And it’s the simplest thing too! Whether you think of it as aligning to your soul’s calling or something else… the signal that you’re doing it is always the same - which is feeling gooooooood.

Did you have a magical moment at Arise? What was it? I’d love to hear!

p.s. I’m totally keeping the snake as my totem animal. For now.

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Chris' Post:

What do a snake, a feeling, death, a hammer, Trevor Hall and love beyond words have in common? Arise Music Festival.

The snake had plans that was clear and so was the message. Fear not your own thoughts because they become. Keep dreaming and know that everything has a time and place.

We set off on our third Arise with no plans, just the intention to be in joy, of service to tribe and in the flow of magic. Was I ever blown away. The energy just kept building in a vortex of sound, love, bliss, and connection. The most beautiful setting for cosmic evolution within and the knowing that the effect in ideas, creativity, and positivity spurs inspired action.

Back to the snake.

Laying in the grass with Kendra my love beyond words, under a beautiful little tree taking an afternoon snooze with the sky a crystal clear blue. Children laughing, people slacklining , music everywhere and the feeling of possibility in the air.

With our little painted sign that read Love Illumination Activation we were calling in our people.

Relaxing and allowing whomever or whatever to show up in the most synchronistic of ways. Practicing what we teach. .

A being of light and beauty walks up with a smile, and an open heart, full of curiosity with beautiful tattoos of snakes on both arms.She was a vision and a reminder to dream.

What was released , called forth and honored for me was this. Fear is natural, but how we chose to feel about it is ours alone.

The snake showed up right in the middle of our session to bless us with it’s message of life and death.  To show that death can be a gift as it choose to transition to the next perfect moment.

To trust each part of the journey is as important as the previous one... To serve your heart first and let the universe put it all together.

Arise was a glimpse into what is real, here and forever expanding. It was funkadelic to my core with Analog Sun, Intergalatic Radio and Trevor Hall. It was heart-warming and vulnerable with deep sharing of our dreams and hopes. It was dancing and smiling with sparkles in our eyes and on our skin.

The moment Peter Yarrow and the Arise family pulled us in for a good old fashioned sing along to “If I had a hammer” , holding each other arms on shoulders, I knew.

I knew this was special, eternal, and important.

To heal through love, laughter, celebration and connection was a way. My Way.

Thank you Arise tribe for your vision and inspired action.

I will keep singing and showing that how I feel has an impact beyond words.

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