4 Ways to make Dating Fun & the Neuro-Science Behind it


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Dating is supposed to be fun!

Meeting up with someone new, going to a cool spot, seeing if we click, maybe finding love. It sounds awesome (cue cartoon “wah-wah” sound here).

So, why isn’t it?

According to our research, the top reasons are:

  • Confusion and worry about what dating means and how our date perceives us
  • Anxiety about needing to find a soulmate
  • Relying on meeting people online
  • Taking it too seriously

Modern dating is often accompanied by feeling too “in the head,” a signifier that our left brain and ego are highly activated. The embodied, present and expansive part of ourselves becomes hijacked by our inner critic. We become worried, judgmental, people-pleasing, rushed, overwhelmed and without the love we seek.

Neuro-amorology is the term we use to describe the art and science of evolved dating. The processes below are based on this concept. Each was inspired by the latest research in neuroscience and psychology combined with timeless spiritual principles and dating practicalities. We think of them as an exploration rather than yet another to-do list for love, so edit them based on what works for you.

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Enjoy Yourself!

C + K