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  • You're a high-achiever, doing big work in the world, and are successful and genuinely fulfilled in many areas of life; but when it comes to relationship, you just can't figure it out. You know you're a good catch - what the heck?!


  • You have some social anxiety and trouble feeling connected romantically with others. You haven't really been in a long term partnership or it's been a while. You want to feel more comfortable in your skin, confident in your abilities to relate, and more clarity on your vision for what you want and what you offer in partnership.


  • Maybe you don't really fit either of those descriptions, but you know you want help in the area of love, dating + relationship. We pretty much know everything, so there's that.


Wherever you're at, your new way to love starts with a chat where we'll get to see how we can help or point you in a direction that can!

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Listen to our FREE Audio to become a vibrational match to your SOULMATE.

Listen to our FREE Audio to become a vibrational match to your SOULMATE.

By "Evolve Dating Gurus," did you think we meant that just WE are the gurus? Nope! The word “guru” is often translated to mean “teacher” or “one who shines light on the shadow.”  And when it comes to dating, we can ALL be teachers to one another. In this sense, the dating experience can be a doorway to personal evolution.

It is within this teacher relationship that we become mirrors for one another. Here, we reflect repressed + denied parts of ourselves to each other, which shines the light of awareness on our shadow. Revealing this resistance let's us release it so we can finally allow the love we've been wanting.

It takes a brave soul to go to these places. But if you've hit our website, we're sure you must be ready now.


Hi! I'm Chris...

social entrepreneur, inspiring alchemist, evolving dude, "LoveJoy"

         First, I am dedicated to my own self growth. And through that, my life's purpose is to help others expand their love + joy in life through the path of self love, transformation, healing, connecting and being the embodiment of love.

My journey and greatest lessons have been part of a remarkable transformation from corporate salesman with marriage + divorce to social entrepreneur, cultural visionary + a conscious partnership with new love. 

My continuing path of awakening, evolution and becoming whole have not come from years in ashrams or impressive lineages but from geeking out on learning how relationships work and living authentically.

I am actively involved in being of service as a mentor, coach, facilitator, volunteer + co-creator of events, workshops, sex + intimacy education and healing practices. 

Chris DeCicco - Dating Coach, Matchmaker + CoFounder of Evolve Dating Gurus + Be The Love You Are

Chris DeCicco - Dating Coach, Matchmaker + CoFounder of Evolve Dating Gurus + Be The Love You Are

Kendra Seoane, M.A., R-DMT, R-SMT

Kendra Seoane, M.A., R-DMT, R-SMT


Oh, and I'm Kendra!

M.A. in Somatic Counseling Psychology, specializing in Dance/Movement Therapy + Body Psychotherapy

          Heart, warmth, laughing, creativity, messy perfection – these are just some things you'll get while working with me.

My own journey has stories of eating disorders, substance use, sexual trauma + just an overall shitty self-esteem. But I made it my mission to release my addictions + find true empowerment so that I could help others fall madly in LOVE with themselves, others + this fucking miracle of a life we get to experience.

I know now that we truly heal in relationship. “I have to fix myself before I’m in relationship” is an illusion to me... a limiting belief I once held. The ways we think we’re “broken” probably happened in relationship, so where better to pick up the pieces than in relationship in real-time. We also need to cultivate a new relationship with ourself. It's almost like learning how to be our own ideal caretaker. Every single moment is an opportunity to rewire our brains and bodies through reparative experiences like these.

In my group + individual work, the emphasis is always on making it co-creative so that it stays as alive and in the present moment as our own beating hearts.

Here, we are all teachers and students simultaneously where life is the school and love is the lesson.

I truly look forward to being with you and mutually supporting whatever part we can in our evolution!

Kendra Seoane Chris DeCicco Evolve Dating Gurus best matchmaker denver

With our powers combined, we are Evolve Dating Gurus!

And, if you didn't figure it out yet - we're not only business partners, we're also soulmate partners.

The fact that we're both business and soulmate partners makes setting a coherent foundation for our service to you very convenient.

Convenient in the sense that we're able to use our own relationship as a real-time, ongoing case study to figure out what actually works for a sustainable, conscious relationship. In other words - we're not just making up shit or regurgitating the stuff that's always been taught just because it's popular.

That said, we wanna share what Evolve Dating Gurus is all about as far as our overall philosophy as a company and the foundational principles of our work.

After reading, you'll likely have a very strong sense of whether or not you'll resonate with our approach.


This is how we roll...

10 Things We Want You To Know about our Company Philosophy




What's more important than that is why.

We found each other through the exact methods we teach. Our success with our clients is because we live, dream + breathe this stuff within our relationship so we not only guide you to ATTRACT love, we guide you to SUSTAIN love.

We know this stuff works. It's our art, our calling, our gift.  


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Regardless of age, sex, gender, sexuality, spirituality, and any other identity - you are welcome here. This means, contradictory as it may seem, that we will not welcome those who display hate + exclusion.

Trolls, bigots, and people who operate from anything else in the category of general douchebaggery will not be tolerated. This is to cultivate + maintain group synergy, trust, and respect.






While our humor can seem profane or otherwise off-putting to some, we swear [pun intended] it’s from well-intentioned enthusiasm.

Plus - we teach people “be yourself.” We’d be hypocrites if we censored ourselves just to be liked.





Depth is about giving you the richest, most profound, dark chocolatey, evolutionary wisdom. That's what's truly at the core of conscious relationship. Without any of that fluff or filler.

This usually involves some level of relieving our know-it-all selves from duty to allow ourselves to be a channel for our inner being, ancestors + any other spiritual or non-physical guides to come through.


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Each morning we set the intention to experience life through the eyes of our heart [rather than the mind].

The imagination of the heart knows no boundaries, rules, or fears.

It has childlike wonder + totally untamed dreams.

Especially when it comes to finding soulmate love, we've got to jump into this realm of infinite possibilities!


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We’ll always do everything in our power to offer service that leaves every client feeling blown away.






We want to make sure we're the right fit. No pressure sales or manipulative tactics here. 

Plus - we'll always lovingly recommend any one of our many skilled friends and colleagues. We’re all about spreadin’ the love, not keeping it to ourselves especially when there’s a better fit to serve your needs.


why is dating so messy evolve dating gurus



This is our 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year, however-many-years-we-live promise to our clients.

We ain’t perfect, but when we do get a little messy - we’ll make sure we own it and do what we can to come to a place of harmony.




With every single service and product you purchase from us, you support children to become more conscious + loving too.

That’s because a percentage of our proceeds goes directly to Turning the Wheel, a non-profit with which we’ve volunteered + been trained personally over the years.

They have a team of Mary Poppins-like specialists who bring the magic of art, self-expression, and multi-generational community to inspire our future leaders regardless of socioeconomic situation and any other challenges.


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We approach each day fully aware of the butterfly effect, knowing that every moment that we intend love + teach love, we change the course of the universe forever.

Guiding Principles


20 Things We Want You to Know about Our Work

The top influencers of our work are Law of Attraction, the teachings of Abraham Hicks, mindfulness + meditation, somatic psychotherapy, dance/movement therapy, attachment theory, shadow work and other teachers + mentors such as Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins,  Alana Shaw, Debbie Ford, Arielle Ford, Brene Brown, T-Group + Authentic Relating, Integral Center facilitators + members, Tim Ferris, Marianne Williamson, Osho, and we could keep going, but there’s a lil' idea!


To master anything - we need consistent and deliberate focus.

Focus is like a muscle. If you’ve been having scattered focus - you need to practice building it up in smaller bite sized pieces with gentle, loving support. Hence using a timer and doing this in community.

The only reason we ever want something - a partner, a car, a state of being, a goal, money - is because we think we will feel a particular way.

Everything is vibrational. Feelings are vibrational. The things you want are vibrational.

When you are in alignment with the vibration of the thing you want - you will “resonate” with it, and it will flow to you.

If thinking about the specific thing causes painful emotions like longing or lack - stop focussing on the specific thing and start focussing on the FEELINGS that resonate with the specific thing.

Once you figure out you want something, your inner being BECOMES it. When you are feeling shitty, it’s because there’s dissonance between your human state and your inner being.

If you’re feeling super shitty, don’t resist it. What we resist persists. Just ride it out. And once it subsides, cultivate the feelings you WANT to feel. Plus, shitty feelings or “contrast” can help you figure out what you want. Shitty feelings are great!

With mindfulness, you’ll become more attuned to when shitty feelings are beginning to creep in. When you catch them early - the momentum doesn’t have a chance to affect you like in #6.

Your inner being, spirit guides, ancestors, people in the lineage of your line of work, friends both dead and alive are energetically supporting you. It just takes trust and listening. They are all around you every single time. You can practice tuning into them.

The path of least resistance is always being offered to you. The key is being in the receptive mode to realize it.

There is unequivocal leverage in alignment. Come into alignment, and everything will flow. 

Anything can be as easy as you WANT it to be or as hard as you MAKE it to be.

Our beliefs create our perceived reality.

We have to believe it to see it.

Trust is the same thing as allowing.

Everyone is your mirror.

Everyone has shadow - parts of yourself that you deny or repress. When you own ALL parts of yourself, you are no longer a victim to them or operating from a place that’s not conscious. Other side effects of owning your shadow: Self-love, more love of others, easier relationships, more energy [because you’re not expending energy trying to NOT be something], etc.

You can change anything you want. The first step is awareness. Without awareness, you are a victim of your habits.

Everything in your life is a choice. Yes, even your feelings.



We believe that positive change begins from within. 

When your happiness, and joy are a priority then everything changes around you. We feel that the moment you decide through your own self-empowerment, you can make a difference then the momentum has already started. Please join us in giving back in ways that feel good to you and be an inspiration. Help us focus our collective attention on the good in the world and increase it.

Below are some of the partners and peeps that we support. Help us further their efforts and intentions to make the planet an even more amazing place through the love, kind thoughts, investment, time and gifts you offer.



Kendra + Chris both volunteer for Turning the Wheel a fantastic organization who’s mission is : Every Body Dances, Every Story Shines.

Turning the Wheel is a national nonprofit that has touched the lives of over 80,000 people in more than 1000 very diverse schools and organizations around the country. Turning the Wheel uses the power of art to build healthy communities, foster leaders, and share the joy of self-expression with participants of all ages, economic situations, genders, ethnic backgrounds and challenges. 

We bring interactive and experiential arts programs using a unique model that builds our participants’ confidence in their own and each other’s creativity. Our programs build over a period of hours, days, weeks, semesters or a full year, so at the end of our time together, participants have joined their talents and visions to create a special performance for their peers and families.

Turning the Wheel is an inter-generational dance/theater company committed to the collaborative creation of works of art that are rooted in and restorative for the communities in which we perform and teach. TTW is dedicated to making creative expression and art accessible to people of all ages, experience and cultural and socio­-economic backgrounds. 

Using a working model that is based on inclusiveness, community engagement and collaboration, Turning the Wheel seeks to reconnect youth and elders to their lives and society; to encourage a collective ethic of caring for others and ourselves and to be a contributing force in fostering healthy, creative communities.

Please click on the photo below to go directly to their website and support them any way you feel called.

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